Art Submission

Important: your quote is dependant on submission of properly prepared art. If your art requires recreation, or if you have submitted art in a format we cannot accept, and we need to re-work the art, your project will be subject to additional artwork charges.

We accept the following:
  • Adobe® Illustrator®
  • Adobe® Photoshop®
  • Adobe® InDesign®

We cannot accept the following as "final art":

  • Microsoft® Word®
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint®
  • Microsoft® Publisher®
  • CorelDRAW®

File preparation:

  • Please provide a hard copy to verify correctness, PDF's are acceptable as well.
  • If you require a custom color match, please provide a hard sample of this color.
  • Please provide all fonts used or convert type to paths/outlines.
  • Type should be no smaller than 4 pt. if printed positive; 5 pt. bold is the minimum for reverse type.
  • Please link all images, do not embed them. Provide linked files, as we may need to make modifications to them such as color corrections.
  • Continuous-tone images should originate at 300 dpi. Please do not submit or resize low-resolution images or photographs. They should be in CMYK format, not RGB.
  • Please do not submit web pages.
  • Please remove all unnecessary colors from your pallette.
  • Please include a dieline with your artwork.
  • Bleeds should exceed image diecut edge by 1/8".
  • Images/type should come to within 1/16" from the diecut edge.
Image File:
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